Our Blush Trunk Show.

February 25, 2011

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Photoshoot with DM Events

February 25, 2011

We were so lucky to participate in a photoshoot put together by Dawn and Melina of DM Events this past Monday at the Trump Soho Hotel.  Scott Clark of Scott Clark photography took some amazing shots and we are so looking forward to seeing the final images! We know you are too so we will be sure to post them asap but in the meantime see below for a little snippet.

Above is Erica with Models, Real life Bride to be Briana  and her maid of honor Fallon.

Congratulations  Stephanie & Casey !

Our 1st Place Winner.

Set to Wed on October 16th, 2011 at Picnic House in Prospect Park.

Their Love Story

Casey and I had what most would call a love story you only see in the movies.  I had been single until I met Casey and quite frankly given up on love.  It never seemed to be the right time in my life – too busy in high school, attended an all women’s college and moved to NYC (the largest place in the world with the fewest “men”) – am I right, ladies?  In a strange turn of events, for a longer blog posting, we both ended up at the same art/music festival and locked eyes as the sun was setting to Radiohead warming up on stage..  With a burst of confidence, I summoned him to my spot on the grassy hill and he came over.  After a few seconds of chatting he gave me his number and I called the NEXT day – no games.  Our first date was casual and great but the second date sealed the deal.  He picked me up at my Upper East Side apartment in a forest green motorcycle with a side car – my Dad would kill me – and we drove over the Brooklyn Bridge to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for a walk amongst the roses.  We stopped at his apartment and picked up a homemade picnic lunch and shopped at Fairway for dessert and a table to eat on the pier.  We jumped back on the bike and rode to Coney Island for cotton candy and sword swallowers.  We must have already been falling in love because we didn’t stop there.  We went to a movie at BAM and sipped wine at the bar across the street until 1AM.  The more I got to know Casey the more I knew he was THE one – he opens doors for me, won’t sit on the subway if a woman is standing, shovels the snow for the elderly friends on our block and cooks the most delish meals.  We’re both from Texas but it took New York to bring us together – and did it ever!  We were engaged at 12:01 on New Year’s Day 2011 and we plan to marry in October in Prospect Park.  I’d love to walk down the aisle and wow my chivalrous man with my dream dress – he’s wowed me enough I think 😉  Thanks for reading!

2nd Place Winner: Renee & Pete
Set to Wed May 5, 2012 in Austin, Texas. Congrats!

Renee will receive 50% off her dream dress!

Their Love Story

You know what goes great with “the right man?” The right time and the right place.

I met my fiancé during my last semester of college.. Pete was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army, stationed an hour and a half away from my school. We met through mutual friends one night, and Pete began courting me right away: calling, talking, going on dates as often as we could. It seemed that exactly the right man had walked into my life at just the right time, and we both seemed to be in just  the “right place” for a relationship.

And then everything changed. Six months into our relationship, Pete was deployed to Iraq for 15 months. There’s nothing easy about spending more than a year apart. We saw each other once in those 15 months, during his two-week leave.  I think it was during those two weeks that we realized we would make it; we would stay together through the separation. There were a little more than six months left on his tour, but that seemed like nothing compared to the last nine.

Of course there were issues and some really rough patches, but when it was all over, we realized we had made it work! Now we’ve been together for over 4 years. We’ve even lived in the same city for two years, and we moved in together for the first time two months ago.

Then, this past December, Pete proposed to me on a weekend trip away from the city.

I never used to believe in the old adage “all you need is love.” I used to think that all kinds of other elements had to align for two people to make it work. Yet, without even realizing it, I proved myself wrong. Even when our circumstance seemed to be working entirely against us, we pulled through. It must have been love. I guess that really is all we need.

Lusan Mandongus Cocktail Party.

Lusan Mandongus Trunk Show

February 4, 2011


February 2, 2011



Congratulations to Johanna&Paul!

They got married on 08.18.2010.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos with us.